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DOM scripting


The term DOM Scripting refers to programmatically accessing the Document Object Model (DOM). In common usage, DOM Scripting usually implies the use of JavaScript, but could easily be accomplished by any other programming or scripting language with access to the DOM. DOM Scripting has its roots in DHTML, but is far more structured. It is the third pillar in the web standards movement.

DOM Scripting vs. DHTML

Traditional DHTML

  • uses JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • tends to be browser-specific
  • usually requires code forking
  • web only
  • was used with non-standardized markup

DOM Scripting

  • uses a scripting language and valid markup (HTML/XHTML/XML/etc.)
  • can be used with any valid document type
  • can be used with any programming/scripting language
  • is browser independent
  • degrades gracefully


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