List of content management systems

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List of content management systems


This is a list of notable content management systems that are used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation. Many of them are built on top of separate content management frameworks.

Free and open source software

This section lists free software and open source software.
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release License
Alfresco Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Informix 2 GPL
Apache Lenya Java, XML, Apache Cocoon   1.2.4 Apache License
blosxom Perl Flat-file database 2.0 MIT
CMSimple PHP Flat-file database 2.9 Affero
CorneliOS Perl MySQL and any Perl DBI, filesystem 0.7.6 GPL
Cyclone3 Perl, XUL, JavaScript, C, Java MySQL and any Perl DBI 3.0 GPL
Daisy Java, XML, Apache Cocoon MySQL 2.0.1 Apache License
Dokuwiki PHP Flat-file database 2006-11-06 GPL
DotNetNuke ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server 4.5.3 BSD
Drupal PHP MySQL/PostgreSQL 5.2 GPL
e107 PHP MySQL 0.7.8 GPL
eZ publish PHP (PHP4 Only) MySQL/Postgresql/Oracle 3.9.2 GPL
Fedora Java MySQL or Oracle 2.2 Educational Community License
jAPS - java Agile Portal System Java, XML on Windows or Linux HyperSonic SQL, PostgreSQL   GPL
Joomla! PHP MySQL 1.0.13 GPL
KnowledgeTree Document Management System PHP MySQL 3.3.1 KPL (custom)
Lyceum PHP MySQL   GPL
Mambo PHP MySQL 4.6.2 GPL
MediaWiki PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 1.10.1 GPL
Midgard CMS PHP (Midgard framework) MySQL   GPL
MMBase Java MySQL/PostgreSQL   MPL
Nucleus CMS PHP MySQL 3.23 GPL
Nuxeo CPS Zope ZODB 3.4.3 GPL
OpenACS TCL AOLserver PostgreSQL/Oracle 5.1.5 GPL
OpenCms Java MySQL, Oracle 7.0.0 LGPL
OpenPortals PHP MySQL 4.0.3 GPL
phpCMS PHP Flat-file database 1.2.2 GPL
PHP-Fusion PHP MySQL 6.01.11 GPL
phpWebSite PHP MySQL or PostgreSQL 1.1.0 LGPL
PhpWiki PHP Flat-file database/MySQL/PostgreSQL etc.   GPL
Plone Zope, Python ZODB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle via Zope 2.5.3 GPL
PmWiki PHP Flat-file database   GPL
PostNuke PHP MySQL .764 GPL
Quick.Cms.Lite PHP Flat_file 1.2 GPL
Scoop Perl on mod_perl MySQL 1.1.8 GPL
SilverStripe PHP MySQL 2.0.0 BSD
SiteFrame PHP + Smarty MySQL 5.0.2 Creative Commons
Slash Perl on mod_perl MySQL   GPL
Textpattern PHP MySQL 4.0.5 GPL
TikiWiki PHP ADOdb 1.9.7 LGPL
TWiki Perl Perl DBI compatible 4.0.4 GPL
Typo Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite   MIT
TYPO3 PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 4.1.2 GPL
WebGUI Perl on mod_perl MySQL   GPL
WordPress PHP MySQL 2.2.2 GPL
Xaraya PHP with XHTML/XML/XSLT MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite using ADOdb and Microsoft SQL Server with Creole 1.1.3 GPL
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release License


This section lists freeware.
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Online Demo
CivicSpace PHP MySQL 0.8.3
Movable Type Perl MySQL or MS SQL server or Oracle or PostgreSQL or SQLite 3.35 Yes

Commercial, low cost (< $5,000)

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Price in USD Online Demo
Community Server ASP.NET SQL Server 2007 $300 Yes
Expanse (CMS) PHP MySQL Unknown $29.99 Yes
WebHat PHP MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server 4.3.20 from $1000 Yes

Commercial, medium cost ($5,000 - $15,000)

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Price in USD Online Demo
Jalios JCMS Starter Edition Java   5.6.1   Yes
Simplicis JSP Any SQL-92 3.0.2 $5,999/year Yes
Traction TeamPage Java Built-in 3.7 $5,000 and up  

Commercial, high cost (> $15,000)

Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Price in USD Online Demo
CoreMedia CMS Java Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server CoreMedia CMS 2006    
Documentum (owned by EMC) Java Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 5.3sp4    
EM3 iOn Java Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 5.4 starts at $80,000, multi-site, unlimited users Yes
FatWire Java Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, MySQL Content Server 7.0.2   Yes
FileNet (owned by IBM) Java Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 Content Manager 4.0    
Immediacy .NET Microsoft SQL Server 5.3    
Jadu PHP and .NET MS SQL Server, MySQL 2.0x    
Jalios JCMS Java/J2EE   5.7 Starts at 9,000; JCMS Enterprise Edition is 75,000 Yes
Livelink ECM J2EE Oracle Database or MS SQL Server 9.7 price per named users Yes
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server .NET Microsoft SQL Server (2000 or 2005), SQL Express 2007   Yes
RedDot CMS (owned by Open Text) Windows MS SQL Server, Oracle Database 7.5 price per CPU or named users Yes
Rhythmyx XML, J2EE Oracle database or MS SQL Server 6.0   No
Socialtext Perl        
Stellent (owned by Oracle) Java, IDocScript, XML Oracle, SQL Server, other 7.5    
Vignette Content Management Java Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 7.3.1    
VYRE J2EE All supported by Hibernate 4.2.1    

Unclear licensing conditions

The vendors of this software do not disclose prices or licensing details, requesting to contact for this information individually
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release
Aegir Midgard add-on   1.0.3
Ariadne   Oracle, PostgreSQL  
Doop (CMS) PHP Flat-file database 1.3.5

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