List of revision control software

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List of revision control software


This is a list of notable software for revision control.

Distributed model

In the distributed approach, each developer works directly with their own local repository, and changes are shared between repositories as a separate step.

Open source

  • GNU arch the original
    ArX started as a fork of GNU arch, but has been completely rewritten.
    Monotone fully-decentralized in a P2P way.
    Git Designed by Linus Torvalds to address the needs of the Linux kernel project
    Bazaar written in Python. Decentralised, and aims to be fast and easy to use. Can losslessly import Arch archives.
    Mercurial written in Python. Decentralised and aims to be fast, lightweight, portable, and easy to use.
    Codeville written in Python, uses an innovative merging algorithm.
    Darcs written in the Haskell language, can keep track of inter-patch dependencies and automatically rearrange and "cherry-pick" them using a "theory of patches".
    SVK written in Perl, built on top of Subversion to allow distributed commits.
    Aegis mature software (but filesystem-oriented, poor network support)
    DCVS, a decentralized CVS-based version control system for distributed software development.
    LibreSource a real virtual office allowing geographically spread teams to work simultaneously on a common project. LibreSource offers advanced functionality for configuration management with its generic synchronisation module So6, resulting from INRIA research works. The creation of development chains, validation processes and quality control processes can be done through the interconnection of synchronisers.
    ARCS Automated Revision Control System. A front-end to GIT, CVS, Subversion and Darcs. Allowing real-time file-system monitoring, with the aim of simplification of the revision control process.
    tcldbrcs Database driven RCS on PostgreSQL, no specific server outside of postgres.


  • BitKeeper (was used in Linux kernel development 2002 - April 2005)
    Code Co-op A peer-to-peer version control system (can use e-mail for synchronization)
    TeamWare Designed by Larry McVoy, creator of BitKeeper
    Wandisco multi-site / replication for CVS and Subversion

Client-server model

In the client-server model, developers use a shared single repository.

Local only

  • Revision Control System (RCS) A 1980s source code control system that features separate backward deltas for faster access to the trunk tip compared to SCCS and an improved user interface; the former at the cost of slow branch tip access and missing support for included/excluded deltas (.scc compliant).
  • SCCS 1970s Source code control system which is part of UNIX. The original UNIX .scc program, based on interleaved deltas (and, contrary to common misbelief, not separate forward deltas/diffs); by included and excluded revisions, can construct versions as arbitrary sets of revisions (resp. the deltas associated with them).

Open source

  • Concurrent Versions System (CVS) Originally built on the Revision Control System.
    CVSNT - A cross-platform port of CVS that allows case insensitive file names among other changes.
    OpenCVS - Compatible with CVS, with emphasis put on security and source code correctness.
    Subversion An open source version control tool.
    Vesta A build system with a versioning file system and support for distributed repositories. Used at Intel for microprocessor design.


  • AccuRev A fast and easy-to-use SCM tool with integrated issue tracking based on "Streams" that efficiently manages parallel and global development. A replication server is also available.
    Alienbrain A SCM tool by Avid Technology
    AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Commercial change and configuration management tool from Computer Associates
    IBM Rational ClearCase Market leading configuration management system from IBM Rational Software (.scc compliant)
    Cmvc Configuration Management Version Control. A IBM version control system, no longer available.
    CollabNet Subversion Subversion binaries compiled, certified and supported by CollabNet, initiator of the Subversion open source project.
    Evolution version management from ionForge. remote access, braching models, customizable workflow, with integrations into development, graphic, and modeling tools.
    FileHamster - Version Control Freeware from MOGware. FileHamster
    MKS Inc. MKS Integrity is a process centric enterprise Application Lifecycle Management platform.
    MOG - Client server work flow and revision software for Video Game Developer. Developed by MOGware.
    Perforce Built around a client-server architecture. Free for use in open source projects.
    Plastic SCM
    Project Overlord Asset/Project Management Software client/server application designed specifically for CG animation/vfx studios. Gives the ability to track assets as well as different project related data such as shots and tasks.
    PVCS Polytron Version Control System
    QVCS Quma Version Control System
    Serena Dimensions, the successor to PVCS
    SourceAnywhere Hosted A hosted source control solution. Published by Dynamsoft Corporation.
    SourceAnywhere Standalone A SQL-based source control solution designed to be an alternative of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. It is for developers who are ready to migrate away from VSS for performance, security, scalability, and reliability. SourceAnywhere Standalone is one product of SourceAnywhere product family published by Dynamsoft Corporation.
    SourceHaven Originally based on Subversion, adds an embedded Oracle database backend and a web application for administration
    StarTeam, Borland A robust platform for coordinating and managing the entire software delivery process, StarTeam promotes team communication and collaboration through centralized control of all of a project's digital assets and activities.
    Store, Cincom - A source code management and versioning system for Cincom's Visualworks Smalltalk environment.
    Surround SCM Cross platform SCM tool for teams. Features a workflow capability to track what state changes have been made.
    Team Coherence Integrated Version Control and Bug Tracking.
    Telelogic SYNERGY, a Task-Based CM system (.scc compliant)
    Vault (revision control system) A version control tool by SourceGear designed to supplant Microsoft's VSS revision control software.
    Version Manager, ebiexperts A data based Version Control tool able to smart compare Ms-Office, Xml, Pdf and Business Objects & Crystal Reports Reports and Universes.
    Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft A version control tool provided by Microsoft oriented towards small teams.
    Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft a process-based client-server suite of tools for larger development organizations, incorporating work item tracking, reporting, build automation, unit and web testing, and integration with Microsoft Office

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