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Rich Internet Applications


This is a list of rich Internet applications. They are organised by their use.


  • Gmail - Webmail client for Google's email service
    Meebo - An instant messaging client for multiple platforms
    Outlook Web Access - The webmail client used in Microsoft's Exchange Server
    RoundCube - Webmail Client Project
    Yahoo! Mail (beta) - A webmail client for Yahoo!'s email service
    Windows Live Hotmail - Webmail client for Microsoft's email service

Document managing, editing, sharing and collaborating

  • EditGrid - A spreadsheet application
    Flickr - A photo sharing service owned by Yahoo!
    FORscene - An online video editor
    Google Docs & Spreadsheets - A document and spreadsheet manager with multiple file support and online storage
    Wrike - An online collaboration tool transparently integrated with e-mail
    Zoho Office Suite - An online office suite
    Cyclone3 XULadmin - content management system based on XUL
    37 signals - a suite of online collaborating applications targeted mainly at business


  • 24SevenOffice - A ERP/CRM application

Personal information management

  • 30 Boxes - An online calendar
    Google Calendar - An online calendar
    netvibes - A personalised start page with support for XML, iCalendar and RSS
    Windows Live Favourites - A favourite links manager
    Zimbra - An online PIM with Mail, Calendar and more

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