Xrumer XEvil Hrefer + SocialPlugin

Xrumer XEvil Hrefer + SocialPlugin

Xrumer - Windows program for positioning, advertising and word-of-mouth marketing of websites. The application automatically registers on popular types of message boards and spam them with posts linking to selected URLs, thus increasing site visits and ranking in search results. Supports automatic CAPTCHA recognition, activation before sending an e-mail, logging in new e-mails, using a proxy (so that the forum administrator does not find out by IP address that the same person is spamming, he can also add entries for blog visitors and books although this is not its main task.

Basic features of the program

  • Automatic creation of an e-mail on public services.
  • Confirmation of activation e-mails necessary to complete the registration process on the forum / blog platform.
  • Completing (creating) user profile data, which the program uses to register on the forum - the ability to use multiple variables to create unique nicknames.
  • The possibility of placing links in the profile data - visible on the user's profile page.
  • Create new forum topics or reply to existing threads. The program can search for thematically related threads or put posts in categories without a specific topic - Offtopic.
  • It is possible to set up specific topics from one user account, and then reply to a given topic from a separate account - this makes it difficult for moderators to classify the post as spam (when the posts are related by topic).
  • Send private messages to forum users.

www.botmasterlabs.net - Purchase Page

Xrumer screenshot main program :)


The Xrumer program can be modified in order to "teach" it to use new scripts - forums, blog platforms. This can be done by editing the specific text files XRumer uses - "LogicFiles" - they contain information on completing fields in registration forms, activating registration links in received e-mails, completing and publishing the entry. The option to modify the program in this way allows the use of new places, regardless of updating the program by the developers themselves. There is also an add-on built into the Mod Creator program, which is used to create modifications of program logic files, just to "learn" how to handle new scripts by XRumer.


For some time now, Xrumer has been using an external software to break Xevil CAPTCHA security. Xevil currently solves over 12.000 types of CAPTCHA security, including Google ReCaptcha, hCaptcha, FunCaptcha. Xevil can be used to break CAPTCHA security in other automatic link-posting programs.

XEvil screenshot main program
XEvil screenshot main program Recaptcha


Hrefer is a free add-on to the Xrumer program (but you can purchase it separately), it allows you to search for forums, blogs or other places where the program can post entries. Hrefer uses popular internet search engines to find the desired places on the web. Thanks to the appropriate filters, it is possible to search for websites with specific topics (containing specific phrases) and based on specific scripts (forums, guest books). Hrefer can use a proxy - by changing them periodically, it avoids a blockade imposed on the user's IP address for making a large number of automatic queries.

Hrefer screenshot main program

Personally, I recommend purchasing a standard license for a simple reason. It puts into use two fully functional instances with the Xevil and SocPlug plugins. The lite version only has one instance, no FB plug, no xevil, very limited OCR. The Business Edition differs in that it has 5 instances. Buy it today !!!

Botmaster is very often available on ICQ, Skype and answers questions quickly, I am very grateful to him for the help he gave me, so he will probably be happy to give it to you too. If you have any questions or concerns leave him a message.
There are also promotions on botmasterlab.net that are worth hunting down and saving some money. There are discounts on the software license, promotions on subscriptions. pre-orders for new versions of Xrumer and XEvil are also an indispensable element.

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