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Developer: e107 Development Team
Latest release: 0.7.8 / February 17, 2007
OS: PHP-compatible -- Linux preferred
Genre: Content management systems
License: GNU General Public License
Website: e107.org

e107 is an open source content management system (CMS) that allows for the quick creation and management of websites or community portals. Built using PHP and database support via MySQL, it can be used for websites or for local intranet pages, it currently has support for several languages available as additional downloads.

Its name is derived from the fact it was the 7th main project the creator had worked on.

e107 is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


e107 takes its origin from code originally used on the LiteStep websites. Jalist who was responsible for the development of those websites, wanted to re-use some of the code from litestep.net and ls2k.org and built a more modular system. This system could then be used as a codebase for other people to create their own community driven websites.

The codebase was maintained solely by jalist until version 0.612 when a development team was formed. The development team now develops, maintains and builds releases for the e107 system.

In 2006, e107 was nominated by the public as one of the five finalists in The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award, the results can be found here packtpub


  • High performance file-based caching
  • Integrated News system and RSS Feed handling
  • Simple to use and create template system
  • Valid XHTML 1.1 Output
  • Powerful Forums system integrated
  • Easy to use Admin system

The minimum requirements for e107 are:

  • MySQL (MySQL 3.22 or newer)
  • PHP (version 4.3.0 or above)

PHP must have been compiled with support for MySQL in order to successfully run e107. Apache is recommended for running e107, but any server technology that is compatible with PHP and MySQL should work. Works with Windows based servers, IIS, MySQL and PHP.

Release history

  • February 17, 2007: e107 Release 0.7.8 (Almost exclusively a bug fix release)
    December 7, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.7 (Bug Fixes)
    November 22, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.6 (Enhancements, bug fixes and improvements)
    May 23, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.5
    May 4, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.4 (Minor omissions in 0.7.3 corrected)
    May 3, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.3 (Security fixes)
    February 10, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.2 (Security fixes)
    January 18, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.1 (Bug Fixes)
    January 16, 2006: e107 Release 0.7.0 (First official release of e107 version 0.7)

Note about versions

The releases were numbered in a standard fashion until 5.4 when it was decided to alter the version numbering, the next major version was released as version 0.6, versioning has continued in this fashion for all subsequent releases.

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  • Boomer, Tad (February 2007). Building Websites with e107. Packt Publishing. ISBN 1904811310. 

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